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Copyright/Reprint Guidelines and Request Form - January 2006
To protect the copyright for print, CD-ROM, Internet and On-line publications, CCH has established a set of rules to govern how authorization to reprint is granted (or not) to those who request it. All requests must be sent either via email or fax. Phone requests will not be processed.

I. Copyright Clearance Center
CCH is a member of the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). Those wishing to reprint CCH publication materials can contact the CCC for reprint permission.

Phone: 978-750-8400
Fax: 978-646-8600
Web Site:

II. Reprint Permission (General Guidelines)
Requests to reprint must include the following:

  1. CCH source: Reporter, Guide, Newsletter, CD-ROM, Internet and On-line or other CCH source
  2. Page and paragraph, or other defining description
  3. Reason for reprint—intended use
  4. Number of copies that will be made

For most inquiries, please fax or forward requests, in writing, to the contacts listed at the end of this document.
If the request is sent via regular mail, the address would be:

Reprint Permission
2700 Lake Cook Road
Riverwoods, IL 60015
FAX: 847-267-2516

At the time that full or partial permission is granted, the requesting party will be informed that:
CCH does not warrant that the information is error-free and CCH disclaims all liability with respect to the results of the use of the information. Although CCH does its best to provide complete and up-to-date information, CCH does not insure the information user for the consequences of the use of the information.

III. Reporter Reprints, Customized Books
Sections of CCH reporting services can be consolidated into book form upon request. Prices are quoted based on page count, quantity, and production costs. All reprint and customized book requests are to be sent in writing to the contact for Quantity Publications listed at the end of this document. Requests must include the information listed above in Reprint Permission (General Guidelines).

IV. Selected Electronic Product Reprint/Reproduction Provisions
Caution: The CCH License Agreement does not permit a Licensee to copy information from charts or tables to include in a database program without permission from CCH. In fact, the Agreement prohibits a Licensee from copying information from charts or tables for inclusion in a database program without written permission from
CCH. Content is provided to the Customer for the personal use of the Customer and not for re-sale. Content may be used only for the purpose of Customer's internal affairs, the conduct of its business, or providing professional services to Customer's clients.

Customer acknowledges that the Content constitutes valuable and proprietary property of CCH or of third parties who have contributed to the Content. If Customer wishes to use the Content in any manner not expressly permitted by this Agreement, Customer may request permission from CCH by giving to CCH a written description of the intended use and such other information as CCH may request. Permission may only be granted by an authorized representative of CCH. The granting of such a request may entail an additional fee payable by Customer.

Customer may make printouts of Content retrieved from any CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork product to the extent permitted under the "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. Sec. 107), or may download and store insubstantial portions of Content (in machine-readable form), so long as such downloading is consistent with the purposes authorized by this Agreement. Customer shall comply with all applicable conventions regarding copyright and source of material attribution.

V. Requests for Pages or Paragraphs that have been Removed and Discarded
Upon occasion, a requestor may need loose-leaf pages or paragraphs that have since been replaced. CCH does not generally maintain such historical or archival-type information. Any information that CCH could provide as to what now-superseded pages looked like at any point in the past would be extremely speculative.

Requests will be accepted in writing, via fax, email or phone, and must include exact identification of the material to be supplied. Costs associated with the materials vary depending upon the document(s) supplied. Sales tax is charged, when applicable.

Items that can ordinarily be supplied are materials that are maintained in historical transfer binders; Archival or Non-Expiring CDs or prior editions of CCH's annually revised titles: Standard Federal Tax Reports, Federal Tax Guide, Federal Tax Manual, Loose-Leaf Master Tax Guide. CCH's Editorial Library will retrieve and mail or fax the documents at the normal photocopying charge.
However, this service does not grant any reprint/reproduction rights, with regard to the materials supplied.

As always, the materials that can be supplied directly by Customer Service Representatives are limited to those items that are currently in a Reporter or current publication, items to which CCH has sole copyright, and/or public domain items.

A research charge of $75.00 per hour will be added to normal charges for documents.

FAX Permission to Copy or Reprint from CCH Publications

The Copyright/Reprint Permission form is faxed to: Editorial Library 1-847-267-2516

CCH's International Companies are contacted via the below addresses:

CCH Asia / Web Site:
CCH Australia / Web Site:
CCH Canada / Web Site:
CCH Editions / Web Site:
CCH Japan / Email:
CCH New Zealand / Web Site:





CCH INCORPORATED                  Date: ______________________

2700 Lake Cook Road

Riverwoods, IL 60015

FAX: 847-267-2516


Title of CCH Publication:_______________________________________________


Copyright Year or Date of Issue___________________________________________


Specific material: (if space is insufficient, add pages)____________


Thank you for your request for permission to reprint or copy from the CCH publication referenced above. Please fill out any blank spaces in this form and fax it to CCH; if approved, we will fax a signed approval copy back to you. No permission is granted until you receive our signed return fax.


Permission agreement for excerpts listed below:


These excerpts are to be [check one]

copied and distributed

reprinted in a work entitled__________________________________________________


Proposed publication date___________________________________


Quantity and distribution (internal, external, etc.________________


Purpose (educational, for commercial sale, etc._________________


Permission to reprint or copy is granted subject to the following conditions, to which the undersigned agrees:

  1. Reprint permission is granted only for one issue of your publication or one incidence of copying. No rights are granted for future or continuing reprint or copying. Permission does not permit downloading or other use of these materials in databases or other electronic formats.

  2. Copyright acknowledgement will be given on the same page of the reprinted or copied material, or on the first page of the reprinted or copied material as follows:

    20__ , CCH INCORPORATED. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission from (product name)

  1. The permission granted is nonexclusive, nontransferable, and shall apply only to the specific edition of the work named above (including noncommercial editions for use by the physically disabled) or the specific incidence of copying referenced.

  2. You agree to provide to CCH, upon CCH's request, a copy of the published work in order to allow CCH to confirm compliance with this grant of permission.

  3. Any use which is inconsistent with this limited grant of permission shall be a violation of CCH's copyright and subject to copyright law.

    I agree to the above:

    Signature of Applicant__________________________

Date: _______________________________________

On behalf of __________________________________


Approval of Request

Permission granted on above terms by_____________________________for CCH INCORPORATED.


CCH hereby requests a copy of the published work.


Date: _____________________________________