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My Password is not working. If your password is not working, please make sure you have done the following:
  1. Registered on
  2. Entered your password correctly. The User Name and Password are case sensitive so make sure your Caps Lock is not on.
  3. Enabled Cookies on your browser. To enable cookies on your browser (or to check if they are enabled), please follow the steps below:

  4. To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:
    1. Open the Tools menu.
    2. Select Internet Options.
    3. Select the Security tab.
    4. Select the Custom Level button. A window will display showing your settings.
    5. Where Cookies is listed be sure that the following options are Enabled:
      - Allow cookies that are stored on your computer
      - Allow per session cookies (not stored)

    To Enable cookies in Netscape/Mozilla:
    1. Click 'Edit' and Select 'Preferences...'
    2. Expand the 'Privacy & Security' Category and Select 'Cookies'
    3. Enable the button next to 'Enable all cookies'
    4. Click 'OK'