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How do I sign up for a course? Enrolling in a course is simple. Browse our Libraries to find the course you want, and then click on the title of the course. You will be shown a detailed description of the course to make sure it is the one you want. If you are a current subscriber and wish to take the course, simply log-in and click on Begin Course in the course description.

If you have not yet subscribed to the Learning Center, click on Buy It Now. You will be asked to enter a User Name and Password. You will then be shown your shopping cart contents. (If you have not yet registered with the Learning Center, you will need to register a username and password before you can make a purchase.)

If you are ready to buy your courses, click on 'check out'. Please print your receipt after you complete your purchase. You will only need to enter credit card information when completing a purchase, there is no fee for registering a User Name with

Once you have completed the purchase you will be presented with your course. Use the self-checks along the way to ensure you're learning the right material for the final exam. You can leave and resume courses at any time.